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World Top Freelancing Countries In The World

World Top Freelancing Countries With Fastest Growing Earning 2023

Top Freelancer Countries

As people from all over world continue to communicate online, freelancing is growing more and more common as a way of making income. Working for customers from anywhere across the globe is now possible thanks to the growth of internet platforms for freelance employment.

US- 78%

UK- 59%

Brazil -48%

Pakistan -47%

Ukraine -36%

Philippines -35%

India- 29%

Bangladesh -27%

Russia – 20%

Listed among top Freelancer countries that have the fastest-rising revenue growth. Following annual increases in freelance employee salaries of 59% and 48%, accordingly, the UK appeared at second position while Brazil appeared on three

World Top Freelancing Countries With Fastest Growing Earning 2023

Largest Market

Unites States

Having an essential marketplace for freelancing products and services, the US is a hub for freelance workers. The US provides a welcoming atmosphere for independent contractors, opportunities for well-paying customers, and an effective legal system. Additionally, a survey by Upwork states thaT the typical weekly fee by a freelancer in the US is between $30 and $50.

Top Market

United Kingdom

The UK is another leading marketplace for independent contractors, featuring a robust market for freelance services and a significant need for talented individuals including illustrators, authors, developers, and entrepreneurs. Based on an individual per-hour survey, the median pay for freelancing in the UK is about 27 pounds per hour.

Other Market


Brazilian firms have yet to fully embrace working from home, hence numerous contractors are employed alongside companies abroad. Brazilian independent contractors are in demand and sought after by other countries due to their reduced pricing when relative to America and Europe.


Some were taken aback by Asia’s impressive growth rate in the freelance industry. Wages increased by a staggering 138% in four Asian nations. Despite a significant 47% increase in freelancer earnings from the prior year, Pakistan dominated Asia. From 4% in 2018 to an astonishing 42% in 2019, the percentage of freelancing in Pakistan increased quickly, eventually reaching 48% in 2021–2022. With this accomplishment, Pakistan will rank as the fourth most popular nation for freelancers in 2022.

Pakistan’s younger population is constantly searching for fresh chances, which contributes to its expansion.


Younger Ukrainian freelancers have a strong background in information technology services, which boosts their income. The Ukrainian government created a unique mechanism for taxing IT companies. Businesses can engage freelancers by incurring additional expenses, while they are exempt from paying certain tax liabilities. Additionally, they profit from loose monetary regulations.

Working with Ukrainian freelancers is convenient for European businesses since Ukrainians have excellent knowledge of worldwide marketplaces and their time area coincides with that of Europeans.


Due to the inexpensive nature of freelance work in the Philippines, the country has long been ranked among the top 10 freelancing nations.

The Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training Project is a program that is supported by the Philippine government. It imparts ICT knowledge to native communities so they can thrive as digital workers and entrepreneurs.


Native talent is receiving freelancing chances from the Indian government via programs like the Digitize India Network. With the India Skills Online undertaking, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship provides instruction in digital skills to assist and strengthen young women and those who are marginalized. Bangladesh, a long-time leader in the freelance industry, has dropped a few spots on the list of top freelancing nations for 2023.

In Bangladesh, freelancing is a valuable choice since it gives people a means of money and freedom who are unlikely to have that opportunity. Given that the average monthly salary in Bangladesh is about $60, working as a freelancer offers the chance to make a much bigger revenue.


In the past year, freelance income in Russia climbed by 20%, and freelance earned more money. 14 million Russians, a sizeable number, had independent businesses as of 2020. Over the past three years, the amount of independent contractors in Russia has virtually doubled. The $41 billion freelancer market is projected to rise significantly over the next few years.

Based on a local survey, the typical freelancer’s monthly compensation has risen over the regional average wage of 38,800 rubles ($597). The majority of chances for freelancing in Russia are in marketing communications, which account for 25% of all possibilities.


The freelancing sector is flourishing globally with a variety of chances for people to work independently and successfully. Of course, a lot more states that provide profitable prospects for freelancers, but the aforementioned freelancing states are the top locations for freelancers with the fastest-growing revenues. Freelance employment used to frequently be exported to nations like the US and the UK. Asia is currently one of the global freelance marketplaces with the highest growth, nevertheless. The freelance market will only get more lucrative for national freelancing as countries around the world increase their autonomous employees.

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